Anyone with 215/45 on 7.5x16


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Apr 3, 2010
Hello guys,

anyone with 215/45 on 7.5x16 that have some photos, as most that i found here are 7x16? My EK4 sedan is lowered with Eibach ProKit and i want to know if they rub. Thank you

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Had 215/45 on 16x7 on mine before. Ran fine and drove the same for the most part, did notice the speedo was ever so slightly out from before. My ride height is quite low though as I was tucking tyre, and it would rub quite bad. But it depends on your ride height, with a pro kit I would think you'd be fine
Thank you Pete. Mine are ET38, do you remember yours? Guess the extra half inch on width will make the difference.. My doubt is 215/45 or 205/45