Anywhere in the South Wales area mix paint?

Richard Rendall

New Member
Aug 7, 2015
I've been searching for a particular colour for painting guitars, i appreciate this is a car forum and tis is my first post, but i found the colour code i have been searching for through this site.
It's a Ford Colour called Sunrise, way back in the 50's Fender had a beautiful colour called Fiesta Red and ever since they've never quite matched it. I was walking across to my local Tesco last week and lo an behold there was a Ka in the exact colour i've been searching for. anyway, sorry for all the bollocks talk, does anyone know where i can get some of this colour mixed up in a tin for a paint gun, i have the colour code. Last time i used halfords to mix my paint they arsed it up beyond belief...cheers for any help..Rich