Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit


Mar 4, 2008
hey guys.firstly i apologise if this is in the wrong place,if it is then please can it be moved to the appropriate place?

For sale i have an Apexi Power FC ECU and hand commander unit. in very good condition, not been used by myself as i bought it off E2 SAW on here last november when i was going to use it on a turbo build but ive decided on a different route.Iit HAS been used on his car. Im not sure if this makes any difference but it was mapped on his car at 451bhp @ 1.2bar on a built b18c4 engine.

Just a bit more Info, it's one with a base map sensor and can be used on any b series engine I believe as long as it is OBD2, otherwise you would still be able to use the ecu, you would just need a different harness.
Its currently located with ricky up at race tech(sheffield) and can be collected from there or he said he is happy to package it up and send it out to anyone wanting this service. This would be at the buyers expense unless we reach an agreement on the price.
£250 ovno.

any questions please feel free to send a msg on here or 07842 095711, any time and ill get back to you ASAP. Cheers


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Billy bargain at this price!
Fully mappable ECU for 250 sheets! Nearly half the price of the shite spoon ECUs!

If i was looking for an ECU this would be mine!



What does the unit do?
The unit is a full replacement ECU for your factory computer. It is not a piggyback system and as such allows full control of the engine and computer controlled systems. It comes with a base map of your cars computer with base map tuned for basic mods such as exhaust, boost controller, air filter upgrade. "The Power FC is a complete, stand alone, total engine management system capable of handling virtually anything thrown in its path." - APEXi USA

So tell me why it can only be tuned for boost?


<i just read can it tune an N/A>

It has been rumored the work with unconfirmed reports. The model however is still suited for the turbo version of the engine so timing, ignition, maps etc may be unsuitable. There are a few N/A PowerFC versions for the Honda etc so they do exist, its just more common for the turbocharged models.
How has this not sold!
I had this ecu on my rx7. Amazing piece of kit
I had a recipet for mine. Think it was well over £700 new

Going to speak to my mapper find out cost of mapping my car with this
If all is good il be in contact with you

Hey all, thanks for the interest, I really can't believe I didn't have one bit of interest until I dropped the price this low either, even then I was having massively low offers but it is now sold, cheers guys