b16a feels bit slow after driving k20

mb B18 vti=slow,Ep3 ctr=slow but dc2 integra and ek9 felt quick and mega chuckable
mb B18 vti=slow,Ep3 ctr=slow but dc2 integra and ek9 felt quick and mega chuckable

what a stupid comment to make. ep3s and mb6s are slow? yeah 100 bhp per litre is real slow....
what do you drive daily....a lambo?
Put down that crack pipe there..

I wasn't putting down any crack pipe when I was bashing my knuckles helping replace not one... but two faulty F20 engine's, so forgive me for being a little bit against them to say the least! LOL .... I'll smoke the crack later..... and open a cider too..... and watch Telly Tubbies haha.

The mate in question has had more S2000's than anyone I have ever herd about, probably 7 or 8 of them if I remember rightly, including an ASM Autobacs one with some SERIOUS parts on it worth more than most peoples houses to be honest, silly priced parts......

And guess what, after all of those...... he prefers driving his more or less stock MX5 around. Hmmmm

All I can say is the S2K and the F20 must have been highly impressive mind! NOT! :lol:

Any way I'm biased as I don't like either the S2000 nor the F20. :)

Nothing against people that like them though, I'm sure there must be good ones out there and some really quick ones too, it's a good job we all like different things as it would be a boring world if we were all the same! In some way or another way every Honda engine is good! haha.
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^ all down to taste and personal experiences really.
such a shame about feelings he has about the s2000, ive never worked on the dc2 i used to own nor the s2000 i now currently own, but the s2000 is excellent in a different way to the dc2 which is excellent in its own way

you must be the only person ive ever come across who dislikes the s2000 lol! each to their own lol