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    After our conversation the other day about your insurance I joined the forum and hoping to become another insurance trader. http://www.ek9.org/forum/new-users/53977-new-user-hoping-become-sponsor-trader.html

    I named drop you in the post hope you dont mind.

    Thanks again for recommending us the site hoping to get involved....Will try and allow you additional discount off your quote when you are ready to organise as a thank you for pointing us here.

    Best Regards
    Greenlight Insurance
    01277 376000
    Hey buddy, You PM's are full.

    REF- Gauge pod -
    You wanna fire £8 into my paypal and i'll send it over. £5 + £3 postage.

    Sounds amazing, but only when you want it to!
    Could you put feedback on my thread please?
    Yeh the address is
    Bridge Farm
    Fen Road

    Will send the £30 for the cover in a min...
    its half price lol!!
    will send monday, did the address come on the paypay payment?
    Hi. It's Jon with the very clean EK9 you spoke to at Japfest as I was driving out.
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