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  • Hi, i've found the presentation of your FEEL'S equiped SIRII, i'll try to find some of your parts, so you're the only one who has found the camshafts and the muffler all around the internet, could you tell me where did you buy them? Or would you sell some?!
    Thanks you so much
    Sweet! Pm me your number we shall have to sort meeting up soon! Get a few of the Honda lot out! Na mate sold mine last year :( brought an EP3 sold that I now have a EG6 SIR!
    Hey Buddy, thought I'd drop you alittle message on here to say Hi and let you know that the car build is coming along well. We're going the whole hog and I've spent just over £11,000 on parts to date since picking the EG up from you. I'll hopefully do a new revised build thread over winter and the car should be complete by next summer. Hope you're well - Nick.
    Ahh nice, I'm from Norwich originally and most of my family lives in Norwich or around Norfolk so still go down there about once a month and I'm seriously thinking about moving back down so will keep an eye out for you :p
    Thank you buddy, that is my art college residue showing.
    Started out in commercial art; converted over to fine art and I work in commercial printing manufacturing commercial art for the masses in the USA. Funny how that works out.
    You'll have to bare with me ive not quite figured out this forum yet.

    I posted a reply to your thread about our encounter.

    Ive had the motor 3 years now, each year of ownership is getting progressively cheaper as I iron out issues with the conversion. I will stick some pics up soon, car needs a damn good clean first, its only done about 500 road miles since feb this year and that was the last time i cleaned it :-( (ashamed).

    bit of a Honda nut myself, so no disrespect to the B16, in my opinion its still one of the best engines honda have produced because of its size, sound and tunability I used to have a CRX VT with a B16 that was mental, I wanted to keep it, strip it down and use as a track car... sadly things on it started to break and were very expensive to replace.

    so now i just use the elise, as I will be at Snetterton on July 13th (evening).

    do you know a chap called Alan with a silver EK9 Type R ?
    Can you let me know if you've still got the aem intake please, left my number in your for sale thread..
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