Brakes for EJ9 2001 LOL


Mar 29, 2013
Hello Everyone

I have an 2001 Facelift EJ9 1.4L im from the EastMidlands UK

i am planning to drop a standard b18c into it this summer to use as a daily car but i have some questions to ask about brakes before i waste my money buying the wrong parts. i have looked through loads of threads with brake charts but i carnt really understand clearly what i need because i am not 100% sure that my 2001 comes under the same cat as the 96-00 civic and weather it is a DX,CX,LX or whatever x i dont know lol

It has 262mm discs (Which is the same as an ek4?) 4x100 on the front and drums on the back with 15" standard honda alloys . I am planning to change the front and back brakes so the car is sort of ready for when i put the new engine in but i want to keep the 4x100 PCD if that is ok and the right thing to do?. but for now i just want to get the front brakes sorted and then move onto the back when i have sourced the parts.

OK am i correct in saying that i can use the following setup which will bolt straight on with no modifications no grinding or bodging anything?

  • Accord Type r Front Calipers? twin pots (If so does it matter what year?)
  • EK9 or 98 DC2 or Prelude Carriers? (If so does the ek9 need to be a facelift and does the prelude have to be a certain year aswell??)
  • 282mm Mg Zs Discs
  • Cl rc6 Fron Pads
  • Ek9 (Again Facelift/PreFacelift)?? 1" Master Cylinder (Will this bolt straight onto my servo)
  • Do i need to change my brake lines?? if so what too??
  • Do i need to change the prop valve??
  • Finnaly will this all fit under my 15" standard honda alloys
is this an ideal setup for a daily?? is there anything wrong with this setup that could cause me problems?? im not looking to turbo the car or anything just run it at around 200Bhp

i am sorry if this has been asked a million times on this forum i just did not want to waste my money on things i didnt need. it would be nice to have something that is just a straight swap onto my facelift 2001. im not expecting someone the reserch this for me i was just hoping that some off you veterans would be able to just answer my question for me from years and years of experience lol.



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Jul 22, 2009
EK9 or DC2 98 spec front calipers will be easiest if you want to go to 282mm but for a daily i wouldnt bother. The 96spec integra came with 262/242mm brakes so they are more than capable

Even the rear drums will be suitable but if you want to go for discs any 4x100 setup from a EK or EG will fit

MG ZS discs will work, i use them

Same brake hard lines so they dont need changing, the rear flexi's i think are different length when going from drum to disc but could be wrong

Standard 15" wheels may be a issue for 282mm calipers, if it doesnt hit the caliper it will be very close. Ideally need aftermarket wheels with a lower offset than standard, this should be stamped on the back of the wheel such as ET45, ET38 etc....


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Feb 8, 2012
If you're using it as a daily only and no real track time, just change the pads and discs to something better, fresh higher temp fluid and on your way. Spend the money on making sure your engine is reliable. People throw in these swaps cheap as possible and wonder why things go wrong.

If you're still keen on doing it then any of the above calipers fit on as far as I remember, facelift and pre doesnt matter with the ek9.

Brake lines are always a good thing to change since they're old and rubber ones flex under pressure, go with braided, HEL, goodridge etc, I ran HKS
Prop valve can be changed to an ek4 40/40 which are cheap and can be bought off @eternal blue 2000

282s wont fit under oem wheels, mine binded under standard vti-s speedlines, rota grid Vs and my friends binded under rota slips with a low offset.

Other factors if you're doing the full swap, new rear RTA bushes, New handbrake cables. Honda calipers are terrible for seizing so be prepared for rebuilding if they've been sat long.

Sean Walsh

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Nov 24, 2017
Civic facelift ej9 track car with b16 conversion
I installed rover mg zs 180 (282mm) drilled and grooved discs on my facelift ej9 trackcar with b16 conversion.
Im using ek9 carriers, accord type r callipers with yellowstuff pads, 1" ek9 master cylinder and servo and motul 600 rbf brake fluid..serious braking power in comparison to the original ek4/facelift ej9 262mm setup.

When installing the ek9 carriers, 2/3mm has to be grinded off the inside portion of each carrier (where the disc sits in)..this is very simple to do ..5-10 minute job max.

I left the prop valve and brake lines untouched for the time being but I installed an ek9 1" MC and servo.. (best to change servo with master cylinder as ive heard the ej9 servo may leave spongy pedal feel, not shure how true this is)

With regards to the wheels, I run 15" honda vti blades with a 5mm spacer as wheel just catches calliper without spacer!!

Id highly recommend the 282mm well spent, especially if u decide to track the car!


May 9, 2017
B20 Vtec EK / Honda Jazz GD1
I may have my set up for sale soon, ive upgraded to wilwoods but need to test fit them

I run 282mm MG discs and callipers, I rebuilt these less than 2k miles ago with brand new pistons + seals and painted them in hammerite silver, with new mtec dimpled and grooved discs + ebc oem equivilent pads at the same time, its in my build thread if you want to see (if you were going to track the car id recommend changing these pads, but for a daily they would be fine) I've used this set up for 2 years, they fit nicely behind VTI Fanblades, and i had them behind my rota slips too after grinding a couple mm from the carrier. Theyre very good brakes and im only upgrading due to getting a good deal on some wilwoods from a friend.