Britishracer's Japanese Touge Drive


May 21, 2008
Civic Type R EK9-Zenki, Integra Type R DB8 Kouki
Hi everyone!

After numerous requests from friends both inside and outside Japan to take videos driving on Japanese mountain passes seriously, I finally got myself a decent camera mount from Herbert Richter. They make one of the best car accessories around with German quality. Its a suction cup type with a 2 piece adjustable lock-nut arm. Easy to fit. I used my Canon IXY 210IS digi cam for the moment. Mounted the thing to the rear windscreen. The problem I found out was that it recorded unwanted noise from the rear area, which sounds like I have a rattle snake in my boot.

Anyway, it was my first attempt. I will experiment with different positions and get a video editing software. More to come with various routes around the mountains where I live.

I made a youtube account. Here:

YouTube - Japanese Touge Yabitsu in EK9
reminded me the blair witch project int he beginning. lol. some good stuff there!
emmm ...... where was the vtec ?? also next time maybe you should pick a less busy and windy road :nice:

camera very good though .
Hi guys! Yeah, this was the closest winding road from my house. I was so excited at getting the mount so I wanted to test it out before showing you the serious runs I usually do. It was so tight that I hardly had the chance to rev it to full power. I will also investigate how to eliminate the unwanted noises. I am looking at getting a proper full HD video camcorder. Costly though. But might as well do it right if I am gonna do videos.. Forgive the Blair Witch style...will get onto learning video editing. I experimented with mounting the camera on the rear three-quarter glass as it would show more road and the cockpit. same unwanted noises though.
It sounded more like you had an asmatic pedator in the back lol
awesome road tho shame about the other cars ruining the fun
Seemed like a good idea. I hope you get to fix it - video has a lot of potential.
nice video :nice:......i got the same problem and found out the noise problem.....its probably the metal or plastic piece of the strap of your camera, hitting the camera when your car vibrates.....just remove the strap and your problem will be solve....

those tight turns can cost your life....:nerv: how fast can you go on this touge
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Thanks! I will have a closer look at what is causing the problem. Yo could be right about the strap..I does sound very metallic. I have decided to save up for a Sony HD camcorder in the meantime.

On this particular touge the most I can make it through the tight turns is about 40kmh. On the longer ones, about 80-85kmh.

I intend to do a video of all the Hakone routes I do. That's really my main. Should look good in HD.