Buddyclub P1 Limited Edition Fixed Back Seats, EK Rails & Sabelt 3" 4 Point Harnesses


B18 Green Machine
Mar 5, 2009
Item for sale:
2 x Buddyclub P1 Limited Edition Black with Red Detail Bucket Seats
2 x Buddclub Superlow Side Mount Seat rails
2 x Sabelt 3" 4-Point Snap Connection Harnesses


£1000 for everything
£800 for both seats and rails
£600 for both seats only
£200 for both EK Seat Rails
£200 for Sabelt Harnesses

Yes, if buyer pays 3.7% Paypal fees.
Falkirk, central Scotland

8.5/9 out of 10 - Barely Used, Great Condition.

For sale is a pair of Buddyclub P1 Limited Edition Fixed bucket seats. Black with red detailing.

Seats are Large in size, im a 34" waste, and its a very comfortable seat. Not too tight but keeps you well held in. Large isnt actually that big,

Buddyclub Superlow EK fitment Rails, also in excellent condition and working order.

Seats & harnesses are in really good condition, only in the car for about 3000 miles, other than that have just sat in the car or in the flat.

There are a few scratch marks on the seat frames from where the sidemounts have bolted on but thats it. The red parts of the seats are very slightly faded in a couple of places due to sitting in the car and being hit by sunlight, but i am yet to try cleaning them and im fully confident the colour will come back in them no problem, so this shouldnt be an issue, just something worth mentioning.

Harness are black 3" Sabelt 4-point, snap-on fitment. Will supply a few eyebolts with them if price is met and obviously if they are kept in a package with the seats.

A break down of where i am basing my prices on, feel free to correct me if i am wrong, but iv done some research.

Seats retail at approx £700 new for the pair if and when they are available, as i believe these are very difficult to get hold of new now.
Rails are approx £150 each new (£300 for the pair)
Harnesses last i looked were retailing at £185ish each (£370 for the pair), although this was a while ago so i could be wrong.






Many Thanks

Free early morning bump for some awesome seats and a very trusted seller! Buy with complete confidence.

Hope all is well Steve! :)
Got a red one myself! Nice seats
Cost over 1K just for the seats and rails so your getting the harnesses for free here!
Thanks Aaron. Doing good mate, hope you and family are doing well.

Cheers CR1S. That's right, just over £1000 new for seats and rails.

Can post these out if need be at buyers cost, can package up heavily with bubble wrap/shrink wrap and put on a pallet!
I'M interesting for the passenger seat rail (left)
If someone interesting just for the driver (right)
Or just buy just one rail?
Drivers rail now also sold.


Both Seats - £600
Passenger EK Rail - £100
Put it this way mate, I ain't the tallest. About 5'4 and 9 stone. Always need standard size buckets. Unless these are very small XL's!
Aye you're a bit wee mate lol. These are large for japanese guys. im 5ft 10ish and 13st, and im well held in with it, maybe be a touch too big for you. Shame :(
Just to reiterate, these seats are Large in size, not XL.

Both rails now sold. Only seats remain.