Buying an Ek9


ex '00 Silver ek9 Rx
Feb 24, 2007
Hi all

It’s been quite a while since I have bought / owned an ek9 and am currently looking at buying one again.

Could you please give me a few hints and tips as to what to look out for cosmetically and otherwise ?

I’m sure a few have had a hard life.



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May 27, 2008
Rear arches, Arch lips, at bottom where skirt meets and where bumpers attach on corners. Aim here would be no damage, ripples, all spot welds on arch lip visible and a good bumper fitment.

Front end panel alignment (Lights, bumpers, bonnet...) Not a massive concern as most have been taken apart at some point but larger gaps and bad headlight fitment are a concern.

Front slam panel may have signs of surface rust if been in country a while, But mainly look for creases here especially where it connects to front wing area.

Boot floor and underneath for rust, Especially up where rear toe arms connect to body. Won't be a concern on a fresh import generally.

Engine and gearbox, Normal crunching at high RPM and smoke from exhaust.

Many other things, But these would be first on my list. Car's are getting old so can't be too fussy I guess.