Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"


Apr 22, 2011
Car Culture Live, Newtonards Airfield 25th/26th July,
Anyone from on here thinking of heading down a run to this?

Seems to be bigger than other years so hopefully get a few members both sides the border at it.
If your thinking of attending post up

Here's a link to the website for anyone interested.

Can also find more on Facebook :nice:
Yup I will be there. Helping run the drag racing.

Anyone looking to race drop me a pm.
I don't think so.

5/6 at most. If u book the drag racing it gives you the weekend pass too
I saw this a bit too late haha
Went down and got a good few pics

Highlight of the day was that dc5 supercharged, bloody thing is insane!
Missed the drag racing on Sat but was there on Sunday helping a mate with his drift car

Any good results, videos etc from Saturday?
Didnt get any unfortunately, heard the whole thing ended up being closed early so we didnt go up on sunday.
Best thing was the corsa c beating the likes of a stock evo 9 and so on, thing had the exhaust out the bonnet and all haha
That corsa was ment to be 500bhp so I've being told.

Timing gear was messed up but otherwise it went ok.
Yeah same story here, 500 bhp Saab engine

Few nice eks on show too
I've got a few pics of random cars but none of drag racing, is there a section I can put them up here?
Left the bloody camera in the car haha
Will do it in the am

Do you have to use a file host like photobucket here or can u upload direct?
I haven't forgotten btw lol
Got a few of drag racing including an accord

Will deffo upload tomorrow

just a preview until i can get home again lol, all on pc but uploading times are awful