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May 25, 2024
Honda Civic EK4 - K20 swap
Hello there,
I'm just curious if anyone is interested in Group buy of EK4 / EK9 hatchback carbon fiber roof. 1996-2000

I talked with company near me. And they are willing to make few roofs. Everything is customizable.
You can chose between different types of carbon and so on.
Process is dry carbon.

If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll announce few more details in next couple of days.

Price: TBA
Shipping: world wide



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Weight difference?

And what do you use to bond it to the car?
Since EK roof is almost same dimensions as Mitsubishi Evolution roof.
I assume:
CF Race version : weight ~ 2000g
CF Clubsport version : weight ~ 2700g
CF Street warrior version : weight ~ 3400g
OEM 9 alu roof weight at ~ 5100g
OEM 7/8 steel roof weights at ~ 11 kg
OEM 8/9 sun roof aprox 20 kg

I don't know exact weight's yet because we didn't cut it yet. I'm just wondering if there is any interest in this to make it cheaper for all to make it.
Or is there any UK/EU based company that make's them already... And they have molds already.

Bonding it with windshield glass adhesive and rivets

I'll know more about prices this week when i go there to talk about this project


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good weight reduction ,but i can say its good for people that are building their car now ,too much trouble for me with a ready car to do all that process. would like to see if they make other products for ek ,like full carbon hood ,as all of them are only half carbon made.
I already have CF hood, it is 6.5kg / 14lbs but its XY brand... and like you said it is only top layer of CF other is fiberglass and it's bonded together.
Also fitment was not good but I got it almost for free (100Eur / 85gbp) and I couldn't say no.
The car was street car, so I removed pins and made it look stock, but added them back because above 170km/h the hood was flapping on the sides.

I have striped interior at the moment. It's sitting in the garage for 6+ years now.


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in your case you are at the right place to have the nice roof, seems they do excellent job.

have similar hood ,bought a made in japan used half carbon for a very good price but never had problem with it ,have it for more than 10 years for sure ,without pins.

for roof,for sure i am not interesting for the reasons i mentioned above ,but in near future i might be interesting about cold air intake pipe and hood both dry carbon process, only thing worries me is the fitment in case having problem and that i am aboard.
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