Cheers Vtec6000


Touring Car Racer
Oct 15, 2011
Thanks for doing a super job on the car today man, I didn't think it would make the power it did! I'm impressed with your tuning skills...

Beef up the motor over the winter and its sure to impress in ITCC next year!
any figures man, ya he meant to be the top man for the job when it comes to tuning alrite thinking of getting mine done soon to
any pics of the car ,best of luck in the itcc,
abhoy angus
Aonghus you really have a great reputation, cant wait to book a session with you in the new year! I wouldnt let anyone else near my car!
Hi does any one have contact details for vtec6000 or can vtec 6000 give me his details i have a b16b that needs mapping. Thanks