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  • stop contacting me. if you want this to go further contact your lawyer/solicitor.
    I am not going to contact you again.
    I am not speaking fluent in English, so sorry if there is misunderstanding between us.
    read all of my posts in that thread very closely. if you cannot understand them contact someone who does so they they can teach you what i am saying.
    I will not reply until you learn to grow up.
    Hi Kev, any news on the front wings yet?? needing to get going with my car over the winter
    Hi Kev, was just wondering if the new moulds of the wings have been made?? would be looking to get these pretty soon.
    Thats no problem at all kev just keep in touch and let me know when the new wings have been made, look forward to seeing the pics! Thanks Mike
    Hi Mike, i was talking to Philip about this last night. You may see that the drivers side wing in the picture has a slight curve lower down . The manufacturer is making up a new mould that gets this perfect so any future wings will be 100% spot on. Our cars are due to go on show this coming weekend. I will have plenty of pictures of the wings from all different angles. As I said, there will be a 3week lead time on the order. Once i take the pics i will post them up ASAP. Cheers, Kev.
    Yeh thats cool no probs kev, im offshore just now but il give him a call when i get back.
    Thanks Mike
    I would say as soon as Mike. I'l be talking to Philip (the guy who designs the wings) tomorrow and i'l give you his number so you can call him. Is that okay....
    Kev, just seen the pic of the arche finished looks really good. I have a prefacelift ek9 so they should fit no problem. When would i be able to order a set?
    Thanks Mike
    Mike, ive just posted a new thread up with a picture of the finished wing. Let me know if your car is prefacelift or Facelift. If you require more pictures, let me know and i'l get more taken.
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