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  • was just wondering also what size and width of wheels are you planning on running with those arches?
    Thanks Mike
    Hi Mike, yeah he will make sets to order. I have agreed with IJWhiteman (admin on this forum) that i can sell to other members at the following price:
    €250 for the Arches
    €50 for postage
    €12 to EK9.org as a site donation.
    Total price will be €312. The €12 donation is because we have not paid vendors fee's. I am not making any profit from these as the time and work in designing and making the wings is huge.
    I have some pictures of the finished wings all sprayed up so you can get a better idea of the quality etc.
    8" wide wheels should fit under the arches no problem.
    I will post the pictures up in a new thread which I will create tonight. I'l then send you a PM and see what you think.
    Alright bud spoke to u at Jdmtas meet check out my 'northeast jdmtas meet thread' couple pics of your 9 cya around
    Alright mike,

    Has ure car got black wheels and green harnesses? Think we might have passed each other on the westhill dual carrage way?.

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