Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

Thanks mate! Be nice to save another Honda from the scrap man. Can always re-shell to an Import/EK9 shell in the future should the right one arise.
Had a few hours this afternoon, got all the welding done in the RHF arch, there was a patch that was gonna be awkward as hell to replace and still look good so I cut it all out and will just use the whole to run a cold air feed. Best of a bad situation.

Got that corner stitched and in primer.

I wouldn't ever say I was a good welder, it never usually looks pretty. But will do the job.

I got brave and cut rout a huge section of floor, took a grinder to it until I got back to good metal and then cut out around 2" further to ensure I really had got it all.

Made a neat little template out of an old coke box.

Transferred it across to steel.

Like a glove!

At this point the bloody welder ran out of gas just as I was on a roll which was unfortunate, so I made a brew and decided I should attack my bumper as that was easy and free.

Some neat go faster holes anyways and kept me occupied whilst I had no gas.

Still an an absolute boat load of welding to do but I'm pretty confident I can turn this into a solid shell. Thanks for reading.
Thanks mate. It's nice after spending weeks taking things off it to start the process of going forward instead of backwards!
Ammo crate arrived from H-tune today, can't fault their service at all!

Huge pile of parts waiting to be fitted once this bloody welding is done. Actually put together a list of what I have the other day so I can keep adding to it and see what I have...

- Hardrace rear camber arms
- Hardrace rear toe arms
- Koyo wheel bearings
- MB6 VTI hub conversion
- Yellowspeed pro dynamic coilovers
- Skunk2 front camber arms
- Energy suspension lower wishbones polybushes
- Buddy Club centre roll adjusters
- Energy suspension RTA bushes
- Skunk2 LCAs
- ASR subframe brace
- Beaks tie bar
- Mishimoto Integra full length radiator and slimline fan
- Sparco steering wheel

Getting there slowly anyway!
Love it ! Your doing a amazing job mate , Keep it up ,
Nice delivery too .
Keep us posted.
Thats a nice delivery. Cant beat new parts onto a practically new car once ur done! Love the work going into this
Thanks for the kind words lads!

More welding to do tomorrow now I have some more gas. Been thinking about wheel and tyre specs over the last few days. Those new R888Rs look awesome. £670 a set though. Not sure wether to just play it safe with R888s.

Also getting a bit ahead of myself today and started dreaming how/what colour I'm going to paint it haha
Quiet Friday night in so had a bit of a doodle. Still have absolutely no idea what I want to do with the outside haha

Our lass did the last one and I think I love it. It's just as outrageous as I think the car will be when it's finished!

I'll be running carbon bonnet and boot hence why they're that colour in the first few. May run carbon fibre wings and spoiler also if I find a set I like.

Boring day really. Front brakes on the daily. Got some more stitch welding done on the front of the civic. Sean welded the subframe and then had a fire. Also, eventually figured out why my welding was so poor. Must have had **** quality batch of gas because half way through the subframe today I swapped bottles and half of it is **** welding, and the other side it so much better. Not bad results for someone who only started welding like 2 months ago self taught haha

Good to see you're welding the seams to stiffen it up, fully seam welded and all the usual bars and braces (or even a cage?) and that will probably be on par or better than ek9's! Should be mad when it's finished :nice:
Good progress mate , I'd pick one of the last two pics ,
Keep up the good work!
Love this build, serious restoration. Credit to you mate. In a few years time I think there will be a fairly good market for restoring old honda shells to this level. I know a few people who make a living out of restoring old minis.

Keep up the good work man and keep the thread updated. I will be keen to see this finished.