cusco 1.5 way diff for k-series box


EM1 racecar
Oct 11, 2008
item for sale: cusco 1.5 way differential for k-series gearbox
price: 500euro excl p&p&p
location: kildare, ireland
condition: in excellent condition. Low mileage. 10/10
reputation: *weasel*
description; k series cusco 1.5 way plated differential. i did plan on using this with a new gear setup but i only found out today it wont fit my gearbox (trial and error :()
the diff is in excellent condition and has covered very little mileage

pictures: dont have any at the moment but will get some tomorrow.
Why doesn't it fit your box?

If it fits mine and it includes the speed gear ring i'll take it right now :)

Put me first on the list please.
k series diff dont fit b-series box ...pretty gutted as the guy i bought it off guaranteed me it did :(
oh well
it has the ring gear on it yes.
pm replied
I'm pretty sure seeing a ep3 box on civiclife forsale with a s80 LSD in it??
b-series diffs fit k-series but not the other way round im pretty certain.
I'd have thought they were the same can't see it fitting one but not the other? Only way to find out is to test it lol
i believe some machining is needed to make the b series diff fit into a k series box as a friend has done a few for friends however not sure if the other way around is possible.
If only this would fit my s4c!
A number of people have called dibs. Currently there are 4 people in line. I will be measuring the friction plates later this week to confirm the low mileage on the diff.
I will update the thread when that is done.