Eg3 Budget drag/ street car


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Feb 25, 2018
Thought id put a build togeather of my eg3

Building on a budget with mainly used and cheap ebay parts where i can get away with.

no brand whoring just want to go fast for cheap (as possible), i know it can be done.

current standings on the car.

eg3 shell
Manual conversion
Cheap coilovers
4x114 lug with 15” accord wheels
282 front 262 rear disks
Cheap cobra seats

CSS B18C4 Block
Manley Rods
81.5mm CP Pistons
Kings Bearings
Stock Crank/Pully
Acl oil pump
Morosso Sump
Stock P72 Head
ARP head studs 70nm torque
0.40 Cometic Head Gasket
Stock ignition
Edelbrock Victor x Inlet with thermal Gasket
Ebay 70mm tb
Speed Factory 4bar map
Evo 560 Injectors
Welbro 2

Cut and spliced Odb2 to Odb1Loom
P28 ecu

S9b transmission, new bearings
ebay stage 4 clutch

ebay journal bearing gt35 rep turbo
Ebay intercooler
Verious hack togeather 2.5 inch tube charge pipes
twin 44mm wastegates
Top mount manifold t4 flange/ twinscroll

So as you can see from the list above the car has some parts.

so where am i at now you may ask, well i have just got to the point where the engine runs as it should, it is un tuned. It did have piston slap so I cleaned the pistons and head up and put a 0.40 gasket on.
Then i had the dreaded idle surge, stripped the inlet, cleaned the iacv. Got a new inlet manifold gasket, made a new tb gasket. Re calibrated the tps and she ticks over nicely at 8-900 rpm.

Iv taken the car out on a couple of drives going no higher then 3k rpm as its still on the stock engine tune when it had gt30 turbo. Anyways it runs fine.

so now i have a list of things to do before i can get a tune.
I would like to atleast get it down a track before the end of season.

Fab Exhaust
1000cc injectors
450 fuel pump
S300 ecu with 3 port boost solinoid
Fab charge piping
Fit af guage
Get the tacho to work

i think that is about it really.

anyways pictures is what you want right?.
So i forgot to mention, the previous setup was on a cast manifold running an ebay journal bearing gt30, the engine ate the exhaust impella casing the pitting of the Pistons and head.

only a couple of my images will upload as it say the files are too big.


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