EK K swap driveshaft help


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Dec 21, 2014
Got an EK4 (with ek9 hubs), which I've swapped the B16 for a K20. Come across an issue with driveshafts not fitting and loads of mixed information on the net.

I've read online and been told by K-swappers, that EP3 shafts with b-series outer cv joints work for them - so went ahead and bought a set of EP3 shafts. Problem is, my b-series outer CV joints don't fit on the out-board side of the EP3 shaft (I've already swapped the inner joints around). The out-board side of the EP3 shaft has a 32 teeth male spline, but my b-series outer CV joint has 30 teeth on the female spline (the outer nut size being 32mm - since that's how everyone refers to the sizes as).

Can anyone help with a solution, what are the correct outer cv joints to have or the correct shafts?