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Model codes list: HONDAFAN :: Codurile modelelor Honda

Blinx some of your links are not working because of the url tag:

B Series Ultimate Transmission Guide
Official B series Gearbox Upgrade Parts List
How To Wrinkle Red Paint Your Rocker Cover (Valve Cover)
How To Install DC Map Lights on 96-00 Civic
Honda/Acura Body Weight
Damn! will fix when i get home :nice:

Thank you will review them shortly, why is ebay in there though?


Im sorry :nerv::nerv::nerv: :(

p.s have i been forgiven Blinx9900 ;)

forgiven :clap:
I put ebay on there just as a gap filler, anyway you can get alot of stuff for civics on there
Vtis_lad83 I think you sort of missed the purpose of this thread, its a "technical links archive" not links to find parts for sale ;)
added the b16b dyno numbers thread :D :)
some of the links dont work like how to change cam belt
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