Energy bushings review


Aug 15, 2010
So guys , after 22 years i decided to change my bushings on me ek. I purchased the energy bushings kit the black ones and here is my review!!! 1st of all i didnt used everything on the kit . i used the upper control arms, lower control arms, shock absorber bushings and real trailing arm ones. along with these i had preinsalled skunk 2 rear control arms which they already had bushings, and i renew the rear camber bushing bar . so the results were these
1) the noises inside the cabin were reduced at 80% during standby
2) i got BC coilover and the shock absorber started to work better than it was before even i had it supersoft before the noises before in bumps were hug now the absorb is way more better and i can even now harden it more
3) ofc the body roll is minimized in a hugh percentage , u need to press a lot the car in the corners to slightly start body roll , i could imagine if i harden my BC maybe 0 body roll ?!?!
4) before the installation all these years while riding with my wife she was a little bit scared while we were accelerating in 60 klms, the car was shaking in higher speeds and shouting me to slow down. Before 2 days i accelerated too 180klm with our dog inside and she didnt even feel it.

Thats all , i hope i enlighten some guys here , its worth doing and i fell in love more with my car wishi i ve done it earlier