First ek9, first k series engine


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Aug 9, 2017
After 10 years of various B series engines and cars a wanted to see what the k was like.

Was after a dc2 or ek9, ended up settling on a k swap face lift model.
Previous owners had build threads etc for it so starting my chapter.
The car needed mapped when a bought it so had it done a few weeks after.
Made 235bhp on a hard but fair Dyno.
Been locked away over the winter but looking forward to using it soon.


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Civic EK with an K Engine is the best thing....More torque...more power...more fun.....
The car is still going good, puts a smile on my face when a use it.
The mot ran out recently, needs some small things sorting to get it passed.
A have some 98spec integra wheels for it, its on standard shocks with eibach pro springs, camber adjustment parts too.
Am worried the rear tyres will catch on the arches if a fit them. Any information to help me??
Its setup for better grip and handling, don't want to change it if a can.
Think any 6-7" width wheels should fit without any major issues, providing the offset isn't too extreme. Have 15x7 et40 with 205/45 tyres on mine with no issues just for a reference.
Thanks for the help :).
Car is out of MOT at the moment, hopefully get it sorted soon.