First swiss EK9 (TypeRx) and modding story

1st Swiss EK9 (Rx) owner!
Aug 29, 2007
EK9 Rx, S30 Z
hi, this is the thread about my (and the veryfirst swiss) EK9.
here some pix after i got it from the RO/RO boat directly from yokohama...







and here some first mods. (i don't like the gauge verymuch but i need it if i want to get my car street legal faster then the genuine 190 KM/h) here in switzerland... so it was a must-have item for me just because of road-legalization....











more mods will come soon. its only a small beginning. next big mods will be exhaust and header, than suspension and wheels, and than more will come ;)
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mint 9. like your gauge cluster!!! it wasnt cheap. how much??
wow, amazing, love your ride, congratulations :bow:
no, it wasn't cheap (the cluster), i didn't pay the genuine price due to i have a import shop and get things cheaper, but it was expensive anyway. but i dont have the exact price in mind right now and im not sure how much that would be in UK punds :confused:

anway thanks for the good words from you, guys :nice:
will keep you up2date!
nice 9!!!

Mugen cluster has been posted before on this site... however i think u might b the first to have this expensive interior upgrade... :nice:
:nice:Saw a real Mugen Cluster in person it look so good
what will be the next Mod??:D
welcome mate where are you come from?
i living close to geneva in france

do you sell your stock cluster ?
Thanks guys!

Hi KimKen
Live in Schaffhausen in the total north of switzerland ;)

Sorry i don't sell my stock cluster but i can import you one. send me an email to
"info at JDMjunkies dot ch"
ok I'll check that tomorrow - have to go to bed now :D

@ Snow EK:
my next mods will be a J's racing intake or a gruppe M one
some small parts are allready ordered (you'll see in a few weeks in this thread) and i still have to mount the carbon parts from above.
until end of year i'll buy the toda header and a tanabe GFordan exhaust system or something similar let's see. than i will have to do the swiss street legalisation process which is very expensive and complicated. after that's done in spring 2008 i'll go fore some nice jap wheels (im not sure if advan, ssr, weds, but something like that, in gold color) and a tein suspension with EDFC or something similar cool. then i will go for a selfmade board-computer using the 2xDIN in the dash for building a touch-screen controlled engine-management opportunity and i can kick out the 190 KM/h limiter. but lets see. ideas and things change all the time. but of course i will do it like they do it for the real nice Demonstration-cars in japan and respect the roots of this car. i won't add any big spoilers, wings and things like that. but we'll see, i won't talk to much because than everyone later says "but you told you'll do that and this... blahblahblah :D" so we'll see :D

my wishlist is very, very big :D
Nice ek9! Good luck with future modifications.

By the way, I really like switzerland I think its a beutiful country. Most of my computer backgrounds are pictures of switzerland.
@ noname: it's not an Rx its a fully equipped R (ok, i got no navigation *g*)
Rx has less equipment and is lighter therefore!

@ No Fear: yes I'll do that. will mount it as soon as i got the spoon radiator mounting support so I'll do that together. its a bit different than the other cooling plates (carbing, signal, password:JDM,etc) but you'll see!

@ Southwell: it's the Mounting bracket where i can put the number plates in. so i can swap plates between my two cars (you can do that in switzerland..)

@ Dino-Spumoni: where are you from? i like my country too. i live near a hillclimbing racetrack and i love to ride with my honda guys around in the swiss mountains. Hondas like curves :D
I'm from New Hampshire USA, we have mountains too but they are no alps!
They are the appalachian mtns, a much older, shorter mountain range- but still fun for driving.
I actually want to visit switzerland some day.
Oh, and cooling plates don't do too much for ek's, it's really more for looks as there isn't much of a gap for air to go around, especially with the stock foam in between.