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Dec 2, 2017
1998 Civic Type-R EK9
I've always loved Hondas ever since I saw one of my uncles' CRX and a few months ago I finally got my very first car: a 1998 EK9 with 90K KMs on it. I was actually looking for an Integra Type-R but all the ones I looked at were in horrible conditions or had way too many KMs on them (350K+) or were just either riced out or damaged in accidents. And S2000s are still really expensive here. And then I found the EK9. 90K KMs, barely 50 KMs away from where I live. I fell absolutely in love with it and I was able to take it home for just 10K euros. Or rather, that would be the story if I hadn't been at the hospital at that time. Long story short, I've been wanting to buy my own car (with my family's help) ever since I was 17 but I ended up in an hospital 400KMs away from home after getting leukemia for the third time. I went through a transplant and whatnot but I got really sad since the Integra I was looking at had been sold in the meantime. During that period I finally started watching Initial D and the EK9 left a huge first impression on me. I was absolutely in love with it, even more so than the S2000 and the Integra. (Sure, all three were in the show but none of them were as badass as the EK9)
So I searched for an EK9 just for fun on autoscout/autotrader (I was sure that I wouldn't find any) and.. there it was. 50 KMs away from where I actually live. The only one on sale in Europe at that time. And for the price of a Fiat Panda. I could NOT believe my eyes. After a month my family's trusted mechanic went to inspect it and told us that it was in immaculate conditions and so we bought it. I was finally able to go see it in October and boy is she a beauty. I couldn't drive it since I don't have my license yet so my mechanic took me for a ride and I'm absolutely in love. It only has a few mods (a custom catback apparently, MUGEN pedals and blue engine tubes along with a type-r badge on the grille) and it's immaculate, save for the decal on the side which kinda faded but it's no big deal, the rest is absolutely perfect. https://imgur.com/a/DP4st Here she is, if anyone is interested! (I'll keep her stock for as long as I can but I'm planning to go full Spoon on it one day)

Edit: don't worry, I'm not going to imitate Tomoyuki. I'll look after the EK9 as if it were my child.

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