Hey how is everyone!?


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Sep 26, 2009
Hey guys and gals,

Long time since a visit on here. I was going through some old holiday pics and got to the Type One garage and suddenly remembered I still own an EK9 - if you’re wondering what’s that like, it’s exactly the same feeling as finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans ;)

Hope everyone has been and is doing well. Thought I’d swing by and see what all the oldies/ newbies are up to and driving nowadays.

I’ll start with that I tend to suffer on the Jubilee Line Monday - Fridays and consume more beer than V-Power, these days ;) picked up a wee travel bug but the track bug still crawls about here and then, however not had the chance to go to one recently

EK9 is nicely and wastefully stored away avoiding all types of weather and danger. And plenty of Spoon bits sitting in the house waiting to be fitted at some point in life!

I've not taken any recent pics of it but here's two of the most recent(ish)

A poor attempt at long exposure with the galaxy back in 2016

A month down the line, a mini photoshoot with Rippu (I'm sure he's got a thread with more pics)

Mine is collect dust as it has not seen the road since September 2016, i need to get the MOT done ASAP otherwise my local law would cancel my car registration.


Mines has been in storage since 2015, not seen the light of day. Will hopefully be making an appearance soon tho :nerv:
Hey Ally - I've also been away for quite some time with zero hondaness in my life just been using a diesel BMW - forgive me for the lack of petrol lol

Hopefully get another toy this year at some point but working away 7-8 weeks at a time just now