Hit and run


Apr 30, 2008
Today I came back to my car to find someone's driven in to it.
Damaging my driver side front wing, light and front bumper.
Luckily it would seem I have two witnesses, reg number of the fucker and their address.
I'm not really to stressed just wondering on what people think insurance company will do and costs of repair.
This is not my EK9 thank god but my vti sedan.
If you have the reg and address report him to the police for hit and run then inform your insurance that the driver hit and ran your vehicle and here is the drivers details. They should take care of the rest with no effect to your no claims.
Im sorry to hear man! I'd be so gutted! I hope you get paid for for all the damages caused without any financial loss and the claim goes through without any unnecessary hassle :)
This seems to be happening a lot these days, shockingly bad.

The morals of this world have long since gone now.

........... this is the reason my Civic's won't be out much and I'll be with them ALL the time.

Good luck with your claim mate..... failing that a knock on the door will be in order i think ;)
All depends on how the insurance company value your car at with today's market.

They wanted to write off my ej9 for a dented rear bumper without looking at it, reason was there was cars of similar mileage for sale for less than repairs would cost.
hope insurance are good to you, but since you have the culprit's details, go report it to the police. A guy in his company truck hit me a month or so ago and was nice enough to come back with his details. He hit another woman's wing mirror too! His company sent me a check for £200 :) wanted more though haha! tried to avoid insurance companies at all cost, but in your case, contact the police
Find out the cowards address and bury the hatchet in the persons hood.
That will get the persons attention.

A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.


Excessively afraid of danger or pain.

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I've reported it to the police already.
I'm tempted to go round and see if she'll settle it without going through insurance.
Just so annoying.
Did the police say much?
I would go talk to her and see if she would be willing to pay for the damage.
I would be scared incase the insurance mark it as a car c or something, touch wood it doesn't.
Hopefully you get this all sorted bud!