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  • Hi would you be interested in selling your ek9? could you text or email me please either way :) 07781441 583 joshbaker1991@live.co.uk
    No not me, also let me get back to you on the cat just need to find an oem ek9 cat back now, know anyone? could even do a trade for j's racing dolphin tip style custom as its far to loud for me :)
    It arrived a while back,
    Only just checked your message.
    Yeah that's fair enough,
    I just expected it to be painted and in a bit better condition but not too worry now mate:)
    Sump arrived mate.
    Paint job was terrible, it's all coming off. Looks like its been coloured in with a silver crayon.
    Anda huge dent in the bottom of if.
    Otherwise seems to be okay, not fitted yet but hoping its not warped/bent causing a leak from whatever you smashed it on.
    cant get on to link and havent done 10 posts so cant message back what is the score with the gearbox you have for sale
    hi there i have bought myself a 53 plate civic type r i had a new clutch fitted and now it will only rev up to 2500 and sounds really bad missing etc ? thanks
    hi, i saw your post on suspension and final drive. if you are interested. i have Dream's performance coilover for sale And KS final drive. Both made in Thailand. Tested and proved on Race. All my suspension are custom-made and custom-valve for your usage.PM me if you are interested. i will explain more to you.
    Alright mate, i guess you got wind that i was in search of some EK9 rails?
    Unfortunatly i have found a set. Waiting to hear from the seller atm. Thanks for getting in contact though
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