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  • Hi
    I have not received payment so am asuming you are not going to be able to make it. If you can i need pament by Thursday please.
    Thanks Duncan
    your inbox is full mate, regards RM01A

    i bought it brand new for over £800 years ago, since had it cut open and profesionally repacked,even had silencers on b pipe cut open to be inspected (was about £150 to have this work done), looks filthy but 100% working order and sounds as an rm01a should unlike many on market on which packing shot

    if still interested ill get pics, after £400

    Hi sorry about the Lack of response!!

    For some reason we are unable to reply in PMs....

    We have just taken over PPW and are trying to make our way around this forum.

    Regarding the Function 7, H Tune are doing a better deal atm.

    With the Carbon Spoiler which one did you want? Spoon or type R?

    Your inbox is full

    PayPal please, buyer to cover fees or send as a gift
    Email is


    Many thanks Dave
    Not really as they are brand new..... I bought them and they have sat there unfitted!

    Sorry but that includes 24hour delivery aswell so I think even £20 off is a good price! :)



    (Inbox was full!)
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