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  • cant reply to your PM mate, i need 10 posts. you could private mail me on civiclife if you have it, my user name is the same
    Can you still get those spoon reps made up? Could you pm me as I unfortunately can't do that yet!
    Looking to get one next month Maybe send me your number and I can transfer funds if that's ok??
    I couldn't resist getting the album, the photographer had quite a few good pixies. It was my first time in the wet also, you must have some balls using R888, i thought they where more of a dry slick tire! I couldn't get over that guy, like we'd been racing on the grass, both cars where gleaming. I forgot to ask you yesterday, where abouts are you from? I'll have to keep my eyes out for you on the road. I agree, nice to see another EK9 out on track, i don’t know anyone else with a Honda. All my friends drive audi's or stupid french cars, it's nice to meet other Honda enthusiasts. Not entirely sure I’m keeping the car yet, I'll probably be out in my CRX next time tho.
    Hey Neil, It was nice to meet you today. You'll have to let me know when your next out, wouldn't mind having a good look over you motor and maybe gaining some tips. You looked very comfortable behind the wheel in those conditions
    if its dry prada spec2(poo in the wet) , if wet or mixed weather go hankook . only used prada on track only used them on my old teg , and it was a warm dry day . never used the r888 to compare .
    wont let me pm you mate but basically its for my friend and just waiting for him to get back to me. will let you know asap

    thanks again
    Well thats it then i'll save my money and get a nice vti. I love the look of the EK9 but i can style a vti to look similar just won't be as hardcore. I nearly went to have a look at a vti couple of weekends ago, was a mint black facelift on a W plate, 78k miles. Not very nice blue cold air induction tho and not very nice black 17's but thought i'd sort it out hehe. He wanted £2750 which i thought was ok, then it went :(
    Would love a black car nxt. Any plans for urs that are coming soon mate? Have to meet up sumtime.
    Hey man, hows it going? Saw ur sig and new it was u, its Aaron. Really thinking about getting a VTI now, ek9's just too expensive. Would u rate them well? Urs is amaze, u'll have to take me for a spin in it mate :)
    Alright mate it is ! i will i just aint had a lot of time, i go training all week so i only have the week ends to do what i want lol.
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