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  • Hi Simon it's Marc off CRX UK here aka Burk. I'm interested in that manifold you have. Can you email some pics to [email protected] for me please? I've had the current one repaired but my B20 still has a Subaruesque sound from it which I don't want.

    Is your manifold an equal length one as the one I have on is an unequal length which is causing the horrible noise.

    I obviosuly don't want to buy another one that's going to be giving me the same noise you see. Also is it Stainless steel?

    Good to meet you too mate! Not sure if or when ill be about again this year but definately next year! i see you sig is the new pic, Looks awesome! it was my first session full wet conditions but once it stopped raining and alot of the standing water went the R888's held up surprisingly well! :nice: Ill definately keep you posted of any more outings! Im usually with either Willis, who was in the DC2 today that spat off its oil cooler hose :( Its all sorted now though! or with si vti (K20 EJ9 in banzai earlier thsi year) or my mate ad in the EF thats on This months cover of Banzai!! Be great to get out with another EK9!
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