Honda Civic EK9 1999 Championship White - 64k miles - SOLD


Jun 10, 2011
Item for sale: Honda Civic EK9 1999 Championship White
Price £8500 (Cash or bank transfer)

Location: Midlands
Condition: Excellent

Welcome to my advert for my civic EK9; been thinking about putting this up for a while to gauge interest purely due to the fact I’m not using the car anywhere near enough as I should be anymore & I don’t see this changing anytime soon.


I’d wanted to purchase an EK9 for a number of years prior & in 2011 I decided to see if I could get my hands on one & made a decision that I’d like to select one personally & proceed with importing the vehicle.

Throughout 2011 I looked at my options & specification of vehicle I wanted along with speaking to type-r-dunk; in October 2011 Dunc assisted me in searching for a vehicle via auctions sights meeting my specification & in summary I obtained a vehicle being shipped to the UK via the morning lady vessel arriving at the port of Southampton in November 2011.

Dunc collected the car & had some slight cosmetic work done to tidy some slight bodywork marks up in conjunction with all the registering, MOT processes, converting the clocks to MPH from KPH etc etc to get the vehicle ready for UK roads.

I collected the vehicle in December 2011 & have owned it ever since. Imported as a completely standard example.

Mileage history & information

I have really done minimal mileage throughout owning the vehicle & never got the use out of it that I planned to along with having it SORN in my garage for periods of time when not using & during winter. I have kept hold of the MOT certificates as below.

Imported on 100866 Kilometres (December 20th 2011 – 2012)

62883 Miles (August 2nd 2013 – 2014)

63410 Miles (April 28th 2016 – 2017)

64476 Miles (June 26th 2018 – 2019)

64521 Miles (June 29th 2019 – 2020)

Although the vehicle has been converted to read in MPH from KPH I have never got around to changing the gearbox sensor which means the speedometer is actually still in kilometres. I have done 1638 miles since 2011 however those 1638 miles are actually kilometres meaning I have actually only done 1017 miles since importing the car total!!

The vehicle has been self-serviced annually.


  • Loads of Japanese auction, shipping & history paperwork obviously all in Japanese.
  • Japanese service history book
  • V5C
  • Previous MOT certificates
  • DVLA UK registering paperwork
  • DVLA number plate registering certificate

Current specification

I have been slowly over the past year removing the majority of aftermarket parts & putting back what standard parts on import I retained from the car.

The vehicle has a fully stripped out rear, removed roof lining & carpets.

The following aftermarket parts still fitted.

  • Willans 4 point harnesses in red
  • Cobra Imola Pro bucket seats in black
  • Built S80 Gearbox with 4.7 Final Drive with an EK9 4th / 5th gear
  • Exedy racing lightweight flywheel
  • Function 7 Lower control arms in silver
  • Spoon engine dampner
  • Skunk 2 weighted gear knob
  • Mfactory short shifter
  • Spoon style carbon fibre spoiler
  • Tegiwa replica Mugen airbox
All other parts on the vehicle on original other than the OEM wheels being currently in black rather than white.

Negative points

The heater vents in the centre console are broken. This is all I can think of.

Other information

I’m still not completely sold on the fact I want to sell my EK9 I have just decided to gauge what interest there is out there due to not getting anywhere near the amount of use out of the car that I wanted to when I purchased it.

I have never driven the vehicle on UK roads in the rain at all. I have kept the vehicle in a garage.

The care really is in amazing condition I honestly can’t put this across enough I’ve never seen another one in better condition; carpet has been removed & no rust can be seen anywhere on the car at all. It really does have to be seen for this to be fully appreciated.

I have included a range of photos of the vehicle.

I’m deciding to only advertise the car here at the moment to gauge some interest along with the fact I would prefer the vehicle to go to a proper enthusiast having owned it for so long. I am happy to communicate via the site until someone shows a level of interest in purchasing the vehicle & viewings etc.


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Simon C

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Aug 4, 2019
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Any chance of more photos of the inside? Specifically what is missing out of the interior?


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Oct 5, 2019
Honda Civic
Hello there!
I have been looking for a decent EK9 for a long time. I really like this car and want to buy it. This is my dream car. I am from US and this is the best one i have seen so far. Would you be willing to sell it to me? Please contact me if you want to sell it. Thank you!