Honda Civic Type R 2023 ( Photoshop edition )


Drop a gear & disappear!
Jul 22, 2009
Anyone else not liking the look of the new civic type r and thinks my photoshopped version is better? :))

Changes made...

Side: Removed rear doors ( absolute must for a Type R IMO ). Smoothed the door lines. EK9 rear quarter window. Type R sticker. Single exhaust.

Front: Hood now meets the front end. Bigger red badge and centered it. Removed the mesh grille. Lowered the number plate

Rear: Single exhaust. Removed wiper. Removed civic badge. Changed location of Type R badge

The first picture is mine and the second picture is the real one

Honda 2.3.jpg

Honda 1 u.jpg

Honda 3.3.jpg

Honda 3 u.jpg

Honda 5.1.jpg

Honda 5 u.jpg