I want an EK9


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Jul 25, 2022
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Hi All,

This forum appears a bit dead, but my requests to join the Facebook groups seem to just sit as "pending" indefinitely.

My reason for joining and posting is because I would like to purchase an EK9 and would like some advice on ownership please.

Why an EK9? I have owned many Honda's over the years and I just love vtec, however, I have never had a b series vtec and I want something to keep and cherish as a classic forever. I know it won't be fast by modern standards, but it will be fun. I have owned several Honda Preludes, 3rd, 4th and 5th gens (including a Type S), an Accord Type R and a DC5. I have now been without vtec for a few years and it's a struggle haha.

Some questions for owners:

- I would most likely import a fresh one from Japan to mitigate the rust issues. What other issues should I be most aware of with an EK9?
- Smoke in vtec, how common is it and when is it something to worry about/fix?
- It would not be a daily, but used at weekends in the dry for some fun, maybe some shows as well. It would also be garaged. Anything I can do to preserve the car?
If you are getting a fresh imported car, make sure to get the car undersealed etc. From japan they dont come with any protection underneith the cars.

I remember smoke on vtec usually is the stem seals which would require to be replaced. I know loads of people have got them done before.
Rust can be an issue, most people get the car under sealed with dinatrol if I recall correctly.
I’d say any other issues are easy to fix, if I was buying another one you look for rust, interior damage, gear changes under load and obviously smoking.
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Post from last year. OP, did you found a nice one?