I'm thinking about breaking my EK9

At the moment the car owes me £3500, i'd sell it whole for that but I don't think it's worth it. Not registered in the UK, no MOT, bit rough around the edges. I'll never buy another car from Ireland....

If the car owes you £3500 you cant expect a immaculate ek9 for that money, thats the very bottom end of the price range for a ek9 and you cant expect a clean one for that you would expect it to be a bit ruff around the edges, if you were looking a immaculate 1 you would be looking more around the £5000 and up, you cant go blaming it being from Ireland. You get what you pay for.

Shouldnt be to hard to sell on though as people are on the lookout for the cheapest car availible atm, dearer cars dont seem to be selling as quick atm as the cheaper ones.

Also would would take a while to sell all the parts if you are going to break it.

All the best with your decision though.
I wasn't expecting a minter, i've not really looked at any before, I don't know if the 4k ones over here are the same condition as mine. For a track car it's okay. It had a NCT done a few KM ago that must have been totally bent going by the fail sheet on my MOT.

It's not been washed since I had it, I guess with a polish it'd look decent but it's never going to be a minter.





You do get what you pay for yes but I was seriously lied to and by the time you paid for your flights and hotel you just complete the deal best you can and go home lol

Escy - non original front lights on your car :-( I have spare originals you can buy (start of the money pit lol) if you decide not to break :)
I've got the originals but they need work, look past their best. I was also lied to, asked over the phone about the synchros, was told all fine.
Ok mate, I will do. Probably won't be another week yet though. Got to sort out another car for myself 1st.
There is a headlamp restoring kit by meguiars that worked a treat on mine :)

my 9 was described as immaculate and 80% tyres etc... Had to replace two tyres just to mot it lol
Maybe we have the same car in a parallel universe? Mine was advertised with "new tyres", it'd recently passed an NCT (2000km before I bought it) yet one tyre was so worn on the inside edge it was through to the canvas. The other was on the legal limit.
Lmao, mine was advertised as perfect tight gearbox but high rpm it crunches into 4th and it aparently used no oil...... It drinks the stuff lol

Shame you live so far away would of sponsored you some sympathy pints :)

not all negative though, I do really enjoy driving it (had some pennies spent on it though)
moral of the story is don't buy from ireland!

Your not wrong mate. The car's over there are cheap for a reason.

I think the only way i'd be willing to go back and get another car is if I went with a low loader and went to view 4 or 5 in one weekend. If you go with one car in mind, it's too far to want to go home empty handed when it's not as described and you don't want to waste the £300+ going there. Also, it's hard to negotiate the price as they know you've travelled a long way.
Sorry to hear lad..I myself am from the north but they are a bit rough with them down south but saying that there is real mint ones too you can see from this forum you could of had someone go and look at it for you from on here but as said before the are cheap for a reason...good luck!
You live and learn. I did have someone check it out for me, maybe his expectations differ from mine. The clutch was on the floor, synchro grind in 3rd, millions of knocks and clunks coming from it (engine mounts, some shitty "coilover conversion" springs, and something else I haven't been able to ID).

It's a flying machine and I could quite easily fall in love with one, just mine has been a let down.

My problem is i'm now without a car and don't have the time to mess about getting parts and sorting out the MOT. I wrongly assumed it'd pass an MOT having done 2000km since it had a (bent) NCT.

I'll look to get another nicer EK9 at some point in the future. I've never owned a Honda before and I do like the way they are put together. Simple and cheaply but well thought out and easy to work on. I can see why they are so popular.
Pretty unfortunate mate but as said you get what you pay for. i'd rather lose £300 and not spend £3500 on a car,going home empty handed,than shell out for a bag of bolts.
Well going by my quick sums, if I strip it I should make the money back and more.

Proof is in the pudding though. Might end up with an engine sitting in my garage for months and it be a total nightmare. I can already discount most of the forums for selling bits on.
all the good cars are gone in ireland ek9s and dc2s i looking for a teg for past 5 months everyone was smokey and not great
Be prepared for a **** load of time wasters if your gone break. You should be able to make a bit off it, it all comes down to your selling style. If your going to let parts go as soon as someone offers you any ridiculously low price (which so many people do) then you won't make much, but if you wait for someone who is willing to pay a good fair price then you should make your money back plus maybe a bit more.
I will look to price things reasonably cheap in order to shift parts but obviously can't afford to give parts away too cheap. My biggest problem is knowing what's worth what, don't want to accidentally sell ek9 specific parts at normal civic prices and ask high money for cooking model parts. I'll probably end up asking lot's of questions on here.

I broke a 206 GTI a few years back and I sold pretty much all of it in 2 weeks. Maybe I got lucky bit it all went smoothly.
Depends how it was tuned, alot just buy "spoon ecus" that are not tuned to that car. When you get a spoon ecu you takr your car to type-one they tune a ecu and take your oem one. Do you have paper work from type-one? Bad maps can change how rich or lean your car runs

Not how it works over here.
Spoon sell a generic ECU for the ek9. Nothing tailored to the car.
Problem with ireland is 70% of honda owners are young fellas who buy them and sell them at the first hint of trouble instead o fixing them so it becomes a game of pass the parcel with the mechanical problems! There are some excellent cars over here but getting rarer for all uk guys wanting to buy here hondahaven forum is the place where your most likely to find the minters