Instagram sellers?


ex '00 Silver ek9 Rx
Feb 24, 2007
Hi all

Does anyone know of any legitimate Instagram seller pages that generally have some of the rarer Honda parts ?

I’ve seen a few but unsure whether legitimate or not.

@im_honda_man (Gary Fai) fair dude, doesn't want fantasy prices (bought a pre-face ek9 grill for 370$) and ships fast.
If you need new items from honda. i can get you prices for bits etc.
I do sell on instagram and ebay aswell
Finding legit Instagram seller pages for rare Honda parts can be tricky. It's important to verify credibility before making any purchases. Look for seller pages with detailed product info, genuine customer reviews, and transparent policies. Engage with the community, ask for recommendations, and double-check before making any transactions.
Got to be really careful nowadays. Iv noticed alot of instagram seller selling rare parts, some are just using other people pictures and putting it up as theirs. so many people recently being scammed. So i stay fully away from those sellers.

Theres 1% of people out of those who are genuine sellers.

But yeah exactly what you said is 100% what people should do
@used.racingparts is legit, i got my recaro seats from him and he kept in contact on shipping and making sure everything went well