Intercooler guides


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Mar 16, 2016
has anyone done a fitting guide on intercoolers? Bought a kit off eBay didn't come with a fitting diagram, and now stuck on where these bloody pipes go I've had to cut a hole in the drivers side for the pipe from the inlet manifold, but from there it's like a jigsaw puzzle so any help on a build will be greatly appreciated

Anthony Zaragoza

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Sep 11, 2016
Honda Civic EK 1996 with B16B swap
Did you get the universal kit? in any case, that's what you have right now.

From what you have:
1st pipe from the top, i'm not sure where that goes. but i think it's the pre-turbo intake pipe
2nd pipe from the top, is the pipe from your IM to the wheel-well
3rd pipe from the top, is the pipe connecting from the 2nd pipe to your intercooler
4th pipe from the top, is the pipe (assuming i judged the length correctly) it from the turbo to the "U" pipe to the intercooler. or this could be the pipe from the intercooler going to pipe from the turbo

I think you're missing the "U" pipe to the intercooler.
By the way, judging the shapes of the pipes, you will do minor modifications to the pipe. I've personally used one of the intercooler kits from ebay. I just used 2 pipes (the 2nd from the top and the 4th from the top). the others i had it fabricated.

here's a like of where the pipes lay down. it's for a integra but it'll give you an idea of what you're missing. Good luck buddy!