JUN ek4 SiR

Any dyno videos or that of it? Want hear this thing go!

I do have a short one I'll try and get uploaded, my dad was with me and took more while I stood nervously watching. Lol
Long over due post in here guys, still have the car lol have done bits and bobs over the last few months that I’ll need to find pictures of but for now I just had the white Team dynamics powdercoated :) much better in my opinion, btw the car is still on axle stands and the back in the pic
Moved into my new house recently too so the car is tucked up in a garage all the time which makes working on it a lot easier
Glad to see you still have this. Looks like a climbing frame with the cage and x brace haha
Haha you’re right mate , I was going to take the x-brace out when I fitted the cage but it looks empty without it
Rare occasion the car got to come outside lol, shortly after this it started raining and the civic got put back in the garage
Love this! If ever you do decide to sell please let me know, This is one of the Few Ek's that would get me back into one :)
Took a drive down the coast a few weeks back with some mates, cracking night as per! Also the civics just been mot’d again and it’s done less than 500 miles since the last one lol