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  • Hey man, you don't know me obviously but i have an EK9 you have had in the past and wondered if there is a build thread on here or anywhere? Found it on the register and seen it had a rotrex on it at some stage, i bought it as just a proper ghetto k20 converted ek9, ive stripped it and am building a nice engine to put a rotrex on it once again, would be nice to see how it once was thats all ;)
    hi im selling ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot,too much to list, photos on my page bud.. thanks
    when is the next date for straightliners?? hope to have this yoke built!! what is your opinion on cams would u just use standard b16b cams or go with skunk 2! like will i get much power gains???
    ill see you at straightliners if you can wait that long

    or if your ever about donegal take a trip to letterkenny

    been there done that and would do stuff different second time round

    experience matters
    lad dont buy a twincam!!! a bought a 350bhp s14a savage car for the money lad! could u give me a bit of advice on my civic lad! a bought a spoon stroker kit and im woundering what to do with the head! could i ring ya about it some time lad just want another opinion!
    just have it up to gather some interest, got a few cash offers and a few swaps but nothing that i really fancied

    want a mental looking AE86 or an S15
    well man whats the crac! seen that car of yours for sale on donedeal why????? ya prob remember me from the eniskilen thing!!! also seen that video of yours its a wepon!!
    Hi still in a problem wit insurance! i need full details does ur mam hav her own car aswell as ur EK9 n how much did it cost to transfer?
    no there just ek9 light's with white LED sidelights

    best fiver i ever spent
    hi mate, i just your signature picture thing and i fell in love with yoiur lights.
    ive wanted some for a while
    where did you get them?
    and what one would i need for my civic
    i want the highest ones coz my civic is purple
    They're excellent for the street. They dont go as hard on the dampers as you might like if your into serious tracking. Otherwise theyre great! EDFC just further makes your sussys more worthy for use.
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