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  • The pictures you have on flickr and here on this site, of course! There were so many, enough to help confirm my decision for some Eibachs!
    Hey, nice car man! Thanks for the picture dump...I needed to get some suspension work done and decided Eibachs (PK) look good for my taste!
    Yeah mate it did lol ruined it sadly but i got a new civic out of it :p sooo yeah spose good things come out from bad!! ahh nice when the wether improves have ti have a lil meet or summin if u want
    ahhh Noice aint got a SSB nemore shity deer ran out on me and fuked it slid about and ended up in a bush so going to collect my new one tomz :) have to meet sum time u got many mates with jap moters or just have a genral meet and wer bring some up
    Ello mate long time no speak, hows u been still got the civic?? jw do u ever go ne of the reading meets berks modifide or nefink?
    Jeez! Completely forgot about them clips! REALLY sorry. I've just wrapped what I could find and they will be sent out first thing tomorrow!

    Trackday was really really good, if you thought these cars were good on the road, they truly come to light on the track!

    Alrite fella, sorry im late replying to you - been manic busy with the trackday etc! I honestly havent called Honda yet, but I will do tomorrow as I need to order a few parts myself! I had a look in the shed and managed to find a few, so if you give me your address I'll get them sent out to ya!
    Alright dude hows u, jw are u comin to japfest this year if so meet up with a couple of others for the drive down?
    ahaha nice one ha yeah i dunt think i cold handle tht tbh i feel like deth wen im hanging haha great fun b good to see u there mate :) have t park nexed to eachother SSB cars together ahah lol
    Ok fella i'll have a look for you and on Monday i'll give my local Honda a call - got a good contact there who may be able to help!

    I may have a few lying around, but most of them just broke when removing. Have you tried Honda?

    ha i never relised your from reading pissed off i missed tht meet up in newbury the other day im from hungerford like 10mins away from there !! lol havre t tell me nexed time !! u go to jap festt?
    nice one wer you get most of your parts mte lookin for a ek9 grill bad lol nice yeah get them up!!
    aha yeah but time and money enit lol , thanks bud! got neplans for yours then or just leaving it as it is?
    nice one hope tht all gos well :) still in the fu*king body shop lol getin a respray and some dents removed but all good so comin in the nexed week :) then can start workk on it woo lol
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