K Swap Coilovers


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Sep 21, 2010
Hi All,

I currently run a set of very old D2 coilovers. I have no idea on the spring rates but they are very firm.

They have been on the car for over 7 years.

I want to switch to something that hasn't been abused and not leaking.

The car is now running a K20 and I'm looking for something else. I have been looking at the BC range of coilovers and their BR Series Coilover : Type RH

But I have no idea on what spring rates to look at. I think the D2's are 12kg front 8kg rear.

The car is a track only car and does very few road miles apart from driving to the circuit and some local B roads.

Budget is around £1,300 for replacements.

Anyone have any suggestions on spring rates or other coilovers?