K20 teg - steering Technical Question


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Feb 16, 2009
Hi people ive been away for a while as since getting a company car the Teg has not come out of the garage much untill funds have been saved to get some new coilover suspension.

My car is a dc2 with a k20 swap from a dc5,as seen in the build thread.
with the engine being lighter obiously i need to sort the ride height and suspension, - i am going to achieve this with a set of coilovers ( skunk 2 pro C or possible HSD Coilovers) and a full bush set from Hard race. Then i willl take it for corner weighting etc and a fast road set up with adjusted ride height etc.

My question i am researching is.....The steering is a little to light for my liking compared to when i had the original engine in. Currently its running the Dc5 power steering pump as that was the easiest way when doing the swap, does any one know of a simple way to alter the amount of power assist ? or am i looking at having to buy a seperate electric pump to run the steering where i can alter the levels on that ?

or do i need a slower rack - if so what from ?

Any thoughts/opinions are welcomed.I have asked the question on this forum as there seems to be a few people who have done the swap into an EK who may have had similar experiences.

What is the purpose of the car? I have a feeling either Dino or RagingAngel can give more info on this...
Maybe try it without the pump, drmikey said that without the steering is not as 'heavy' as you might think, I have this decision to make also, maybe drop him a pm as he has tried various things.
Hi Justin, simplest way to make it heavier at lower rpms is to put a larger diameter pulley onto the pump and a longer belt to suit.

Otherwise what I do on them to manually adjust the steering pressure is to modify the relief. Its quite simple.. you can take the relief out and add shims, this makes the steering slightly heavier. Taking shims out makes it lighter. The only problem you'll get with this is the adjustment via shims only is its limited. you can put a pipe over the inlet of the relief valve assembly (with the end in a small container of hydraulic oil) and with a small regulator feed about 10psi in. the ek9 pumps relief open around 10-11psi in my experience. you can try adding shims but if it allows air to pass at less than say 6-7psi then you'll need to order up a custom spring at a lower sring pressure than stock but same length. Otherwise the relief will open way too easily and the steering will be too heavy.

This is the most reliable way to alter the pressue mechanically without much cost. After all it is how the factory has done it for years :nice:
Cheers Will, i will look into this as a solution.

When i finish paying off my wedding bills I will deffo be in touch for a Will Tune !:nice: