K20z3 not getting fuel pressure


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Sep 22, 2023
1999 Honda civic hatchback
Car has a k20z3 motor car has been running great but I have notice a slight jerky reaction from off to on throttle and it seems to pick up a bit late after applying the gas. Today it was worse I noticed a distinct jerky throttle and a delayed pick up arround 2-2500rpm. Now as I'm driving down the road the car cuts off an loses power. It cranks over, but won't start up. The fuel pressure regulator reading 0 so the it's picking up the car isn't getting fuel. What do you think it can be?
Before you said a hole in the fuel pipe. I was assuming it could be Throttle Position sensor as mine had the same effect as what you said. Good that you found the fault, at least no major damage with fuel leak