Low seat rails for recaro spg


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Feb 7, 2014
Need a pair please. Have to be genuine ones as they are crucial! What you got, please? 😀
Not genuine but we have seat sliders as a option that will fit hole centres 29cm appart
Cheers, matey, but I need to have faith that they will stand up and keep me attached to the car IF any mis-haps occur. I'm old and don't bounce well any more.......
Slidey ones, JJ? And what you using instead? I don't need fixed as I need some access to the rear. Probably. Lol. Cheers.
Whooop! How much posted please me dear? Ta! Hang on, are you just teasing cos you haven't said you are selling them!!??? ��
Lee, we also have them in stock, ours have been used all season in Civic Cup and there have been some pretty big impacts.
No not teasing car is definitely being broken. Take a look at my thread. Might be able to sort some deals.
IJ, alls I need is the seat rails I'm afraid, matey.

And thanks all - I need to spend as little as possible, sadly, as funds are an issue at the most.
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