Modding my civic (I live in Belgium


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Feb 20, 2020
Hey guys!

I am here today with a special issue. I will also have a job soon which makes this even more awesome. I am almost hands on with my new car and it so happens to be a 1997 civic which I just found has some interesting modding options. Here are the plans I would like to employ in terms of how I will go about this:

The pre-cursor to the mods is modding the chassis to get some stability down (namely lighter wheels, some better coils and sway bars).

The first plan is to mod the whole exhaust network (dw it's long term so I won't spend all the money to buy all the parts in one go). This includes the manifold, the cat. converter and the muffler (btw do tell if you know a muffler that drives up the power without making a lot more noise for this model). In terms of other NA tuning options I found a cold air intake and also a pro intake manifold. Keyword is NA tuning (no engine internals tho sadly).

The second plan is to turbocharge the thing. I found a turbo kit that actually fits the D14 which is awesome. I will have the car as a daily driver for about 4 years (until emissions regulations outrule the car) so I'm not sure if shorter lifespan will necessarily be a problem. And I don't think that as an old timer I will still have barriers in engine swapping.

The master plan is to combine the 2 above. I know it kinda sounds stupid and it can be an easy one way ticket to the underworld but at the very least my dream of having a japanese car and to mod it will have been achieved (among the smaller one of having a 1.4i street assassin in my hands).

Now here's the elephant in the room: I live in Belgium and I have no idea how to meet the legal requirements with the mods to still be able to daily drive the car. It might be hard to find anyone who knows but I can at least try since the only website telling anything about this is currently down if not forever.

Thanks in advance to whoever goes outta their way to help me! Godspeed fellas!

P.S.: If you have more advice or better ideas for the project don't be shy. Also if you're belgian don't be afraid to share if you know a mechanic who can pass technical control with mods installed.
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