My Eg6 SiR

No update but shes clean anyway gettin parts together now. New exhaust an such gettin ready for nct :angry2:


Oh heres that yellow ek9 i was talkin about


I gotta start refurbin wheels man, the wheel doctors cako!
I gotta start refurbin wheels man, the wheel doctors cako!

Haha sick money in it isnt there you should see his house an collection of cars out the back.

I was green with envy. He wasnt even bothered if i payed him he said he would do the wheels an i could pay him whenever and he doesnt know me ha. :))
eg is coming along well :nice:

good luck with the nct lad. did ye manage to get a date? its getting so hard with the dates.

thats nice of him, its hard to find ppl like these now a days. i want to get my wheels refurb as well lol
eg is coming along well :nice:

good luck with the nct lad. did ye manage to get a date? its getting so hard with the dates.

thats nice of him, its hard to find ppl like these now a days. i want to get my wheels refurb as well lol

Sound man i hope it goes well. No they didnt give me a date they just put me on some stupid list.

Everyone must nct there car at the start of the year ha.

Ya yer mans dead sound
New parts

: Itr 98 spec Front calipers

: Brand new 282 disks

: Nsx pads? Dont ask...

: New loom

: Injectors

: Alternator

: Battery

: Chargespeed rep front lip

: Front an rear bumper for track days

Theres more but thats all i can think of

Going getting car sprayed soon hopefully an getting custom interior just to be different


Honda parts ^ Fuckin expensive

Tegiwa Silicon Hoses (They wer fastest to deliver an hadnt time to check my other hoses with work


Got Rays valve caps for grams An ordered Gold Muteki Wheel nuts

An Skunk2 Dress up washer kit for bay and gonna get some skunk2 lcas beaks bar an asr brace

I have Brand new hardrace Camber arms ordered as well

An standard Oem Bushings

Gettin an exhaust on thursday all goin well too

Might not fit but gettin it anyway haha

Also finally ordered my teal paint Thanks to a member off here for the Pm

Need a Dash heater rad an the hoses at the bulk head connecting to it.

Then some bushings an other small sh*t then FINALLY!!!! Paint
Got some bits for this nearly finished got more caliper rebuild kits for the rear an front just incase.

Got a comptec airbox with a arc air intake arm.

Was happy with this as they are highly rated an hard to come by.

Bassically the same as a teg type r airbox but tidier :)

Got my wheels back as well hope they fit over the callipers now :/

Also got brand new heater core rad an hoses as mine wer leaking

Got some other bits but cant remember...

Oh an my camber arms came






wheel looks nice. Ye need to give me ur man's no, I am looking to get my wheels refurbished. Where is he based?
starting to come together, taught you had given up on it with all the work on the EK.

Wheels are a bit out there btu each to their own
I was bang-on about the teal ;) You'll be turning heads more than ever now haha.
Thanks lads nice to see ye again haha :))

@Osaka kanjo Thanks man :) Pm'd as well dude

@Jvzr ya man i got a bit distracted there for a while but this is my true love its turned out to be some car performance wise if i do say so myself haha :drive::nerv:

@Turfy Ha thanks dude i not even sure about it myself but i did it too be different an i could picture it in my head ha glad i did it now stickers an my lower profile tyres an should look the business :naughtyx:

@zPandamoniumZz Ya you were dead on man great suggestion :beer:thanks for that was hard get the colour but got it eventually thanks too another member cant remember who it was now but thanks very much :nice:

I have the car booked in for paint in two weeks time an should take 2 weeks he reckons less depending on how busy he is.

Plus i keep bringin him more parts to spray Lol

One the lads is making me up a standard exhaust from scratch for 40 quid as well so happy days.

My grams fit over my brake set up too thank god :run: Barley but they do haha

In the process of getting 262s an uprated callipers an braided lines for the rear off another member and polybushed rear trailing arm bushings

Plans are to get a Blue an kevlar bride seat for drivers side an change the steering wheel to nardi personal an get a smaller snap off kit

Also getting my kakimoto made up to its original spec and fitted to this. Yellowspeed collies comin soon too all goin well :meet:




Hate the way the engine bay is red.... Just reminds me of my old car :( so goin all blue blue intake arm blue rad hoses blue rocker cover spoon socks an gold washers an dress up bits ;)

Oh ya on a side note with all the strange colours, im not gay i just dont give a **** :lol:

because a couple of ppl have asked me lately hahahahahahaha
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Am right iv been stock piling bits for this tbh an doin stuff in the background if i stopped spendin my money on my runarounds now she would be done but its actually gone for paint now a year later hahahaha

Some parts iv got

Omp Blue wheel

Gold muteki extended wheel nuts

Skunk2 dress up kit for everywhere haha (engine bay manifold rocker and anywhere i can fit em went a bit mad)

Starter switches like ud have in a rally car


Blue rear seats

Some other nice bits

Jap tilt 2.5 exhaust

Ek9 cat (on loan for now)

Got some shitty gt3 rotas gonna spray em white for the lols

Got uprated rear hubs bigger disks (262) an yellowstuff pads

Polybushed in the rear

Undersealed the car also

Stripped the interior an found no rust thank god :dance:

Iv done so many bits its hard to remember what i havent said haha

Oh serviced it an some other bits

Oh ya

: Gold beaks bar

: Gold skunk2 lcas

: Gold Asr bar

: Gold pasword jdm washers

(Pics to follow later)
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Got new gaskets for exhaust as well just incase an new bulbs to brighten her up an a second hand Honda wing as one of my front ones was rusty cant have that haha.

Got a load of other small bits like brand new depo fogs an covers

Hids Some intake bits an cant remember wha else




Oh thats the caliper clearance with the gt3s haha i ad to put on spacers as it rubbed ever so slightly

Damn snapchat has all my photos ate :O



Well shes back from paint anyway :p





Have to put it all back together now :nono:










Put my rainsports an paradas on the Grams an very happy with them put on my gold wheel nuts too just need my decals to be made up no in gold an spray my callipers gold :)

Got jap plates made up for my daily an for this

Parts left to go on to Eg6

: Coilovers (after Nct)
: Camber arms
: Full 2.5 exhaust
: 2.5 Mani
: Wind deflectors
: Osaka Jdm sun visor
: Front lip ( too low for test)
: Get mud flaps painted white ( painter forgot )
: OEM SiR Lip painted in white also ( painter forgot )
: Have to put interior back together
: Polybush kit
: Asr brace
: Beaks Bar
: Skunk2 lcas
: Comptec airbox
: Wrinkle Blue Oem rocker cover
: Blue Tegiwa slicone rad hoses
: Aluminium Half Rad
: Blue Steering wheel
: Custom Plate holder
: Jap Pressed plates (after test)
: Wire up fogs an indicators haha
: Fit uprated rear breaks
: Wire in gauges
: Fit Rally Switches haha
I enjoyed reading though your build lol , car is a credit to ya ,far play man its looking really well