My EK4 turbo

this car is still alive.

Well I like this car mind you havent met a boosted honda I dont like guess the big IC and the cold northen air prevents DET :p
Not a fan of the wheels or taillights

both the wheels and the taillights are gone:D


but the car went 13.540@105.34mph the 1/4 mile with mx125cc at the wheel


i did 13.655@104.17 both times with little grip and horrible 60ft times

next on the to do list is getting the car retuned
it also has a new colour, went from Lamborghini deep black to Lamborghini deep black metallic, almost grey
Nice spec, and liking the colour also! Have to agree with others that id probs change the wheels and lose the eyelids and then itll be perfect :)
love the new colour, not a fan of the headlight brows or wheels but everyone to their own
in the end i will buy new wheels but there are other things i need to fix first

i got tired of the OEM seats so i went a head and put these in


p.s don't mind the dirt inside it. it was taken five minutes after they where put in. i gave the inside a good clean
i little update.
the XSPower was dying so i bought a Holset HX40 .83 a/r with a 60mm compressor wheel.