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  • Hi,

    I seen you ad for the work you do,
    Iam in the middle of cleaning my EK and was wondering if I could get you advise on the following?

    Could I apply stonechip over the top of Dinitrol 4941 (underbody wax) in the wheel arches??
    For the rest of the underbody I am going to put down Dinitrol 3125 wax and then 4941 (undersealer). Would appreciate any expertise you have to share.

    Also keen to have a car undersealed asap mate if you could call or txt me 07854497629.

    Cheers dude, Allan
    Hi Jordan,

    I have joined this form to get in touch with you as i am wanting 2 cars undersealed.

    Have read your posts regarding this.

    I have a garage so if you can, you can do it there.

    I would want them undersealed throughly incl all doors, sills etc. weekend is best for me and you can do 1 car at a time.

    I understand you use waxoyl, do correct me if i am wrong.

    You can call me on 07449972171, i am based in Glasgow, the southside.

    Hope to hear from u soon.


    i cant pm yet for some reason but could you possible pm me with a price of the shell and poss pictures to
    LOL, i like how you missed out the frenchy in the list of car's in your signature :p good move mate. ;)
    dan buddy how r u ? its sam.. i bought ur buddyclub off you ? i see your looking for a jordan, if you would be interested gime a shout i know your a good lad and would look after my jordan . cheers man cya
    Alright bud just flicking through a few thread saw your looking for a Jordan. I have one for sale completely standard with just under 55000 miles on. If your interested pop me an e-mail ..
    haha yeh i remember now mate u were selling ur car at the time werent you :) glad u found a nice jordan mate :) no problem bud hapy to help anytime :)
    I've just realised I spoke to you when I was looking at buying my Jordan, I cane across your add from a while back and rang you lol, i belive you put me on to one of your mates kev??.... He was selling his Jordan at the time. Just realised it was you!! Cheers anyway mate hope you get another Jordan soon. All the best matt
    dan hows the scooby. are u intrested in my alarm as u done me such a good deal on the car im willing to sell the alarm to u for 50 plus postage
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