My K20 supercharged EK9 *update p.26

Nice ,me and my bro are putting a K20 into a eg6. using all hybrid racing swap stuff
This is going to be an awesome car when your done mate, cant wait to see what its like at the end :nice: and that manifold is class :drool:
Just got another wee update:clap:

My ITR DC2 subframe and lower arms came back from being powder coated!


Very nice and new looking :nice: Wish i got my subframe powdercoated black, looks so much better and more clean oem.
this is going to be some machine! look forward to seeing the end product!
Skunk2 manifold is sweet, have one on the cards myself! Did you buy direct from skunk2?
Nice build lad! In the middle of a K-swap myself, but I'm not building fast enough and keep changing my mind on what parts I want! :lol:
Cheers guys:))

So, my engine bay has now had all the unwanted holes welded and smoothed, and has been resprayed. My new colour scheme wont be to everyones taste but hey ho. :blabla:

This is the colour scheme i want.... lamborghini Battleship grey




With S2000 yellow pearl Spoon brake calipers. :D


Engine should be going in this week... got the car booked in for a remap on the 27th.

That looks proper cool mate, really like the colour scheme you have picked. Those spoon calipers look sensational in yellow; can't wait for this to be completed. :D :nice: