Need help car wont start


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Jan 19, 2019
Hey guys how's things dropped my car off to the panel beater to get work on sills done and when I got home car wouldn't start fitted new battery plugs dizzy cap and rotor pulled pump out and it's primimg checked all earths there fine throwing a code number 41 which is o2 sensor it changed it and no luck car turning over just not firing

Michael Flare

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Mar 11, 2010
As soon as you turn the key to the ON position, is there a clicking those for the fuel pump priming when the check engine light turns on and then off? If doesn't then there could be two reasons. The fuel pump isn't getting power by either from the connector or the MAIN RELAY is bad. I had this exact problem 10 years ago (sometimes the car would start and sometimes it just cranks and won't turn on). I changed the MAIN RELAY (bought at a local auto store) and it permanently fix the problem since then. I read on the internet that a handful of old Honda's have this problem because the the car's vibration/bumps throughout the years would slowly crack the solder off in the main relay; that's a possibility.