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Mar 5, 2010
hey foilks, been perving over for a long while, thought i'd maybe join in

ok ok 1st things 1st, i don't drive an ek9 ..... i'm an EG6 man!! but hey, i'm just ur older brother!!! always had a thing for EK9's and WILL have one as a project as soon as the EG is completed.

here is a quick pic of the car as it was 2.5 years ago, will be complete in 8-10 weeks after complete strip down rebuild

will have full build thread once its complete-worth the wait i hope!:drive:

Quick question but, i have set my profile pic and seems to have been accepted, but its not displaying on my posts. not a problem i've had before....
:welcome: mate, car looks good cant wait to see the build and whats been done to it. As for your pic not sure why it aint showing man could try resizing it or try uploading it from another source or something :nice:
Welcome mate, I went EG6 -> EK9 myself, a well worthwhile change!! Look forward too seeing a build thread, we love a few pics and a write up round here!

As for your pic, I spent ages getting mine to work, just keep resizing!!
cheers folks..... love the eg6, had it for over 7 years now, she's a keeper :) ek9 will be an addition to the family!

full ground up rebuild
bodywork tidy up and full respray (Milano Red, what else)
complete engine rebuild (was planning on B18C but have sourced a B16B so saving a few extra pennies), B16A is staying for now but with ITR cams, inlet manifold, throttle body and fuel rail
ITR LSD 4.7 final drive gear box
polished EK VTi rims
Coilovers (undecided on brand)
Ambers up front
OEM headlights and tail lights (angel eyes and carbon lexus style will be for sale, along with many other goodies)
Carbon JDM plate bootlid
Spoon Duckbill spoiler
OEM SiR lip
Full Bay tuck/shave
Hand made brake lines with banjos in a Gucci stylee :)

lots of other trick touches which will be photographed at every stage

will start the build thread next week...hope you subscribe to it :)

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